NHS Unified Tech Fund

Idox provides free support to customers looking to apply for NHS funding to expand your current inventory and records management systems

Idox provides free support to customers
looking to apply for NHS funding to expand your
current inventory and records management systems.

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Idox Grants Application service

The NHS is under more pressure than ever before and until recently, it has been widely argued that funding for digitisation of the health and care system has been too complex. Healthcare providers have faced challenges including not knowing what relevant funding is available or what specific areas it covers. The NHS Unified Tech Fund is part of the government’s first step towards making the process for health services technology funding less complicated, but for many organisations the process remains confusing and time consuming.

The good news is that there are significant levels of funding available, but time is running out for healthcare services to apply for this year’s NHS Unified Tech Fund. Drawing on our unique level of knowledge and experience as well as our commitment to customers, we are looking to streamline the process and unlock even more value for our customers. Our new Grants Application service will support you further on your digital transformation journey – providing the help you need to access crucial funding and accelerate your digital capabilities.

How does the Grants Application service work?

For customers seeking to apply to the NHS Unified Tech Fund, Idox will provide a proposal to expand your current system to cover additional Trust and non-Trust sites, and support your application further with any necessary business case justification and technical information that is required. As this is match-funding,  i.e. 50%, Idox can also help with the identification of additional suitable funding to help reduce the level of investment for the Trust.

We know in advance what healthcare funding is coming on stream, so we are uniquely positioned to help our NHS clients to effectively strategise and input into consultation early in the process, and thereby grow your external revenue streams. We also go one step further in advising on wider funding streams that enable customers to benefit from improved collaboration with higher education, community organisations and the private sector.

Key Benefits

What funds
are available?

There are a number of streams that make up this year’s NHS Unified Tech Fund, including:

Digital Productivity

Total available funding – up to £250k available per organisation
Funding available to expand coverage of customers’ existing inventory and records management platforms
Deadline for applications: 30th November 2021

Shared Care Records

Total available funding £50M – uncapped allocation for each application
Funding available for individual ICSs, or multiple ICSs working together as collaboratives to deliver a shared care record capability.
Deadline for applications: 22nd March 2022


“The top benefits it delivers for us daily are time savings, better critical maintenance processes and more importantly, improved patient care”

Stuart Barton, Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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