Optimise your address data
with the Aligned Assets platform

Is your address data ready for the challenges of next-working-day switching?

In 2021, the average month generated almost 450,000 electricity switches and just over 300,000 gas switches. With the surging energy crisis, and next-working-day switching on the horizon, consumers will be able to take advantage of the best offers available in the market by switching quickly and potentially more often. 

To meet increased demand and the greatly reduced timeframe for switching, your address data needs to be of the ultimate quality and easily matched with that used by the Central Switching Service.

Matching and cleansing

Our high-speed automated matching solution matches up to 50 million addresses in 10 hours, minimising impact on your daily business. The data’s matched to AddressBase Premium British Standard BS7666 address data, verifying every address with the Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN). 

Maintaining your clean data

Using our address data management solution will ensure the six weekly updates from Ordnance Survey are automatically pushed out to all your operational systems, keeping all address data up-to-date, accurate and consistent.  In addition, we can store the meter IDs against the addresses in the central store so it’s quick and easy to see what meters are associated with an address, or what address relates to a specific meter. This simple cross referencing will maximise efficiencies in switching, billing and maintenance.

Fast, predictive address search

Our sub-second, predictive address search, as used by the Central Switching Service, will search against your central store giving staff quick access your maintained, accurate address and meter data from their browser, operational system or mobile phone. 

Optimised address data is the foundation for efficiency, successful swift switching and accurate billing.

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