What is the Idox Ideas Hub?

Ideas @ Idox

The ideas@idox hub is an area for Idox customers to raise ideas for enhancements relating to all Idox products.

You will be able to view the progress of your own ideas, search, vote and comment on ideas of others and their progress.

Click here to access the Ideas Hub

Please do not log bugs on this hub. This hub is for ideas to improve Idox products. If you think you have found a bug then please contact the Idox Service Desk so the issue can be properly investigated.

Who has access?

Anyone using Idox products will be welcome to access the hub. Please contact your Idox Account Manager or email ideas@idoxgroup.com to request access.

Recording an idea

The following are some guidelines for recording ideas:

  • Search for existing ideas before entering a new one.
    • For example, type Uniform into the search box and hit the magnifying glass search icon. Do any of the existing ideas shown in the results fit your idea? If yes click on the idea, you will then be able to comment on, and vote for, that idea with one click.
    • If no results are found you will be automatically directed to log a new idea, or if none of the results sound like the one you want to submit, click the New Idea button.
  • Give the idea a clear title and description. Other people will need to find it and understand it.
  • One idea at a time please.
    If you have lots of ideas, please enter them separately. It is easier for other users to comment and vote if each idea you submit is a single clear idea. If you submit two or more ideas in one post other users won’t know which element to comment on and we won’t know what idea users are voting for.
  • Use categories and tags to make your idea easier for others to find. You must assign each idea to a category from the list available, using tags will also allow improved search options, you can enter multiple tags. E.g. Planning, Licensing, Tasks, Inspections

You will not be able to upload screenshots and documents at this time.

How does voting work?

Everyone can vote an idea “up” if they think it is a good idea, or “down” if they think it is a bad idea.

Every idea will have at least one vote, because the user who enters the idea automatically votes for it when they enter it.

Users can vote on any idea, but each user can only vote once per idea. This stops you voting 20 times for your own idea. You can vote the idea up or down, but not both.

If you choose to vote an idea down please add a comment to explain why you feel it is not a good idea.

The Idox product team will use the votes cast to decide which ideas should be included in future product releases. Please bear this in mind when casting you votes.

If in doubt the following rules might be useful.

When should you vote an idea up?

You should vote an idea up when you agree that you would find value in the idea. That means that if the idea were to be implemented then you, your team, directorate or the wider local authority would benefit. There are lots of good ideas, and we will never be able to implement all of them, so please save your votes for the ideas that will deliver you real benefits.

When should you vote an idea down?

You should vote an idea down where you feel the idea wouldn’t deliver value. You might think there is a better way to solve the problem, or that a way of achieving what is being asked for already exists. When you vote an idea down please leave a comment to explain why you think the idea should not be progressed.

What do we do with your ideas?

The Idox product team will review and respond to all ideas logged on this hub. The most popular ideas will be selected and considered further for implementation in a future release of the product.

What do we do with your ideas?

Open Any idea that is open for comment and voting
Under Consideration Any idea that is currently being considered by a member of the Product Team for future development
Pending – Further Information Required Any idea that has been assessed by a member of the Product Team however further information is required
Planned Any idea that is currently being included within a development project for release
In Progress Any idea that is currently being developed for inclusion in a future software release
Completed Any idea that has been developed and had been released
Rejected Any idea that has been assessed by a member of the product team however is not currently being considered further
Rejected too few votes Any idea that has been assessed by a member of the product team however is not currently being considered for inclusion for development due to its popularity
Duplicate Idea Any idea that has been duplicated. These ideas and comments / votes will have been merged together
Awaiting Archive Any idea that has been closed or rejected that is scheduled for archiving. Ideas will be archived within 4-6 weeks of this status change

Moderation and acceptable behaviour

We do not review the ideas you submit before posting them on this hub for others to view, vote and comment on. Reviewing the ideas before posting them to this hub would slow down the posting of ideas and the gathering of feedback.

However we will moderate ideas after posting, and we may alter or delete the idea to remove any unacceptable behaviour. Repeated unacceptable behaviour may lead to the suspension or deletion of your access to this hub.

The following are examples of unacceptable behaviour:

  • Making comments about unrelated topics on an idea
  • Deliberately posting the same idea multiple times
  • Posting your account password for this hub, or any other password information
  • Belittling or insulting another user or an Idox member of staff
  • Posting obscene or pornographic material
  • Posting libellous, defamatory or illegal content
  • Posting intentionally misleading or damaging information
  • Including any advertisements for products, services or job vacancies

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