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Migrate to the cloud with Idox

Empowering businesses to do more with our market-leading hosted software solutions

Secure, compliant,
and cost-effective

Agile, scalable,
and resilient

Offload the burden
of IT compliance

Empowering businesses to do more with our market-leading hosted software solutions

Given the market instability and uncertainty over recent years, businesses have had to adapt to using innovative technologies to improve processes and services, ensuring they are secure, compliant, and cost-effective. The benefits of cloud-based solutions have therefore been brought sharply into focus as recent events have accelerated the shift towards digitisation. 

Our feature-rich, market-leading solutions are all available as fully cloud-hosted and managed services, enabling our clients to become more agile, scalable, and resilient. With dedicated in-house experts specialised in all elements of security and compliance we ensure complete protection, meaning security is never compromised.

We have created an environment for the most effective operation of our products where companies can offload the burden of IT compliance and the headache of keeping IT systems secure and maintained. 

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Key Benefits

Market-leading knowledge and expertise

Trusted partner of public and private sector for 30+ years

Full protection with robust security protection

Guaranteed uptime, service levels and robust business continuity practices

Unparalleled technical expertise and deep domain knowledge

Updates managed in anticipation of legislative updates

Seamless integrations and scalable solutions deployed with minimal business disruption

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