Elderpark Housing Association
Maximising community engagement with a new funding strategy

The ease of use and the depth of resources available at our fingertips have been game-changers. It’s not just about the funding; it’s about strengthening our community ties and extending our reach.

Jonathan Giddings Reid
Community Regeneration Officer
Elderpark Housing Association


A cornerstone of community support and housing

Elderpark Housing Association was established in 1975 with the primary aim of safeguarding the tenement properties in the core area of Elderpark that were under the threat of demolition. Since its inception, the Association has expanded its reach into Govan, Ibrox, Kinning Park, and Cessnock, now owning and managing over 1,500 properties. At the heart of its core priorities lies Community Regeneration, and it has been the proud owner of the Community Centre on Elderpark Street since the 1980s.

The Association is committed to providing housing for those in need, guided by its mission “To provide quality, affordable homes and excellent services which focus on our customers and enhance our communities.” Its vision, “Elderpark Housing will lead the way in delivering outstanding customer services and great places to live,” reflects its dedication to setting benchmarks in customer service and community living.

As a local Community Anchor organisation, Elderpark prides itself on delivering excellent service to its customers. This commitment is evidenced by positive feedback from independent surveys conducted by third parties and its results in the Annual Return of the Charter (ARC).

Elderpark’s role extends beyond just being a housing provider; it is deeply invested in the regeneration of the community. The Community Centre in Elderpark Street is a clear testament to its commitment to fostering communal growth and support, demonstrating its integral role in the community’s development and well-being.


Supporting visionary initiatives more effectively

The drive towards fostering community engagement and regeneration has always been a paramount goal for Elderpark. However, this ambition faced tangible hurdles, particularly in the arena of securing grant funding. The traditional manual search for funding was not only time-consuming but often restrictive, limiting the scope of potential financial support for various community-centric projects. The team at Elderpark was in need of a solution that could broaden their horizon in the search for grants, thereby supporting their visionary initiatives more effectively.


Elevating Elderpark’s role as a community anchor

Since implementing GrantFinder, Elderpark has witnessed a transformative change in its operations. The early results are promising, showcasing a significant uptick in the identification of funding opportunities. This has not only streamlined the development of a funding calendar and prioritisation of projects but has also elevated Elderpark’s role as a community anchor. By enhancing partnerships and community relations, the software has played a crucial role in not just internal efficiencies but in the broader scope of community engagement.

Michelle Chapman, Account Manager said “Elderpark Housing Association’s adoption of GrantFinder has truly set a new benchmark in how technology can empower community-focused organisations. Since they started using our platform, we’ve seen a remarkable transformation in their operational capabilities. The increase in identifying funding opportunities has been significant, leading to a more structured approach in their project planning and execution. But, it’s not just about the efficiencies gained; it’s about how Elderpark has strengthened its position as a pivotal community anchor. Their ability to enhance partnerships and foster deeper community relations through our software is exactly the kind of outcome we strive to achieve. Working alongside Elderpark has been an inspiring journey, witnessing their dedication to community regeneration and support. It’s a clear testament to the power of combining innovative technology with a strong community vision.”


A more engaged community future

Jonathan Giddings Reid, Community Regeneration Officer, Elderpark said, “The ease of use and the depth of resources available at our fingertips have been game-changers. It’s not just about the funding; it’s about strengthening our community ties and extending our reach.” This sentiment is a reflection of the broader optimism within the association about the role of GrantFinder in shaping a more engaged and supported community.

The relationship between Elderpark and Idox, facilitated through GrantFinder, has evolved into a partnership built on mutual respect and support. “Working with the team at Idox has been a highlight for us. Their readiness to assist, coupled with their genuine care for our needs, has made a significant difference,” Jonathan further added. This partnership represents more than just a transaction; it’s a collaboration aimed at achieving greater community success.

As Elderpark continues to leverage GrantFinder, the anticipation grows for what the future holds. The initial success stories are just the beginning, with hopes high for more significant achievements in funding identification and community project successes. The journey of Elderpark with GrantFinder is a vivid example of how the right tools, supported by the right people, can pave the way for a brighter, more engaged community future.

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