Our ongoing investment in digital solutions is enabling our customers, including our large portfolio of public bodies, to modernise and transform the way they deliver and improve their services.

Our Strategy

Idox has a strong reputation and is a leading supplier of digital software and services to a diverse customer base spanning both the UK and international markets. 

We support our customers by delivering solutions that provide the right tools, at the right time, to enable better service delivery and business efficiency across a number of sectors.

By providing the right digital infrastructure and innovative tools, we support businesses across a wide range of sectors including Public Services, Engineering, Content and Commercial, with broad and demonstrable capabilities and expertise that have supported - and continue to support - a wide range of customers.


Market Overview

Idox continues to operate successfully, growing in challenging markets characterised by continued pressure on expenditure.

Our primary focus remains supporting and growing with our clients. We have strong products that are essential for high performing organisations, including our large portfolio of public bodies, seeking to modernise and transform the way they improve their services.

Idox enjoys an exceptionally strong market position in the public sector, good products, opportunities for growth and improving financial performance.

Growth Strategy

Idox will continue to focus on the underlying strengths of its core business, its product offering and its talented people by providing digital solutions and services to the public sector in the United Kingdom, complemented by our Content business in Europe and Engineering Information Management business servicing customers across the world.

With our extensive range of capabilities, we are looking forward to building stronger links with our customers and to delivering better user results and productivity improvements for customers through focusing on usability, functionality and application of integrated digital technologies and solutions.

Outlook & Future Prospects

Following a challenging year for the Group a number of substantive changes and re-tooling of the business have taken place; we ended FY2018 in a much stronger position than we started it.

The markets in which we operate remain resilient and we now have a strong leadership team with a clear focus on clients and execution of our strategy, of product and operational execution to drive increased profitability and cash generation.

We are confident of Idox’s future prospects and that this momentum will continue strongly into FY2019 as we deliver success.

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Information last updated: 15 May 2019

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