Idox Acquisitions

Enhancing and optimising our market-leading software portfolio through complementary and innovative acquisitions.

Operating in continuously evolving markets, we see opportunities for digital transformation emerging across our entire customer base. As part of our strategy of continuous innovation and technical development, our extensive product roadmaps and investment plans are linked directly to the development of our people and the acquisition of novel and well-respected technologies and people, that complement and extend our portfolio of capabilities.

We are looking to acquire businesses that will enable us to continue to leverage the platforms we have created through our operational investments. Such businesses should have the following characteristics:

High proportion of repeatable IP (software or services) leading to recurring revenues (£2 million+)

Strong competitive position with good market share and low levels of customer churn

Interesting proposition that complements and enhances the Idox portfolio

Operates within the public sector or land and property industries

Principally UK-based

Growth and innovation through acquisition

A comprehensive, innovative platform with a strong heritage

To find out more, email us at m&[email protected].

Recent Idox acquisitions

July 2019

Web and cloud-based software solutions to local authorities and government departments in the UK and Ireland

June 2021

aligned assets

Cutting-edge address data solutions designed to support organisations to match, maintain, integrate and share the most up-to-date address data available

August 2021


End-to-end GIS systems using open-source, cloud-based products and applications, providing unique access to a wealth of open datasets

October 2021


GIS solutions for public rights of way, historical and archaeological sites, conservation areas and nature reserves, and the development control planning process

October 2022

LandHawk allows clients to identify off-market land opportunities effectively and efficiently by bringing together geospatial intelligence in a user-friendly cloud-native software solution

August 2023

A major player in the geospatial data market. Offering mapping services to FTSE100, FTSE 250, finance, infrastructure, renewables and consultancy sectors, facilitating informed decision-making and sustainable operations


“The Idox team were great to work with throughout the sale process. The experience of the Idox team certainly helped come up with a solution to one of the more significant hurdles. A friendly pragmatic approach with good communications really is the key.”

James Perrins & Tony Pettitt, ExeGesIS

“We viewed the acquisition in four parts: legal process, accounting, due diligence and interaction with the senior Idox team. The senior Idox team was the most positive part. The interactions were friendly but professional, and there was a willingness to talk, be fair and pragmatic; and where necessary break deadlock situations arising from the legal process.”

Dinesh Thanigasalam and Andy Hird, Aligned Assets