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Idox plc (parent/holding company)

Registration Number: 3984070
Registration Date: 26 April 2000
Place of Registration: England & Wales

Registered address:

Unit 5, Woking 8, Forsyth Road, Woking, Surrey, GU21 5SB.

Chief Executive:

David Meaden
T +44 (0)333 011 1200

Main country of operation is the United Kingdom. Idox plc is subject to the UK Code on Takeovers and Mergers.

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Idox Companies

Idox France SARL

Registration Number: 429982945 RCS Paris
Registration Date: 21 March 2000
Place of Registration: France
VAT Number: 429982945

Idox India Private Limited

Registration Number:
Registration Date: 14 December 2011
Place of Registration: India
VAT Number: AAECC6560A

Idox Software Ltd

Registration Number: 02933889
Registration Date: 27 May 1994
Place of Registration: England
VAT Number: GB 766 8008 04

McLaren Software Inc

Registration Number: C2030767
Registration Date: 17 July 1997
Place of Registration: USA

Idox Trustees Limited

Registration Number: 4111557
Registration Date: 21 November 2000
Place of Registration: England
VAT Number: N/A

6PM Holdings PLC

Registration Number: C41492
Registration Date: 28 June 2007
Place of Registration: Malta

Landhawk Software Services Limited

Registration Number: 11973310
Registration Date: 1 May 2019
Place of Registration: England
VAT Number: GB 766 8008 04

EIM Group Ltd

Registration Number: 14035375
Registration Date: 8 April 2002
Place of Registration: England
VAT Number: GB 766 8008 04 Limited

Registration Number: 03931726
Registration Date: 23 February 2000
Place of Registration: England
VAT Number: GB 766 8008 04

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Information last updated: 23 February 2024