Delivering expert support and advice to drive business growth, optimise investments and achieve positive outcomes.

We have broad and demonstrable experience providing consultancy services across the public and private sectors, including universities, local authorities, international sport clubs and commercial organisations. 

We believe in supporting our customers both now and in the future - which is why our support doesn't end at the screen or with the purchase of our software and solutions. Our consultancy offering spans our entire portfolio, meaning we can provide consultative support whether you are an Idox product, service, or support user.


Software consultancy

Our software consultancy provides the support needed for Idox implementation and beyond. At every stage, we ensure that your core team can configure and maintain your Idox solution to meet business requirements. From advisory services at implementation to hands-on support and training services in the future, we ensure our clients and their users can employ our solutions to maximum effect – enhancing and extending their lifetime and value.


Grants consultancy

We deliver focused grants consultancy to support the identification and submission of funding applications. Our service is delivered by our funding and consultancy experts who work with you to align your innovative projects with available funding schemes, compile funding submissions on your behalf and assist with the administrative and compliance process once funding has been obtained.

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Compliance consultancy

As a leading provider of compliance solutions, we collaborate with organisations across the public and private sectors to integrate and anchor compliance in their daily business. Enabling customers to tailor our compliance solutions to meet their specific requirements, we offer extensive guidance and support to ensure employees understand the risk and compliance issues affecting their business, regardless of size of scope.

Consultancy excellence

Idox's network of experts has helped hundreds of organisations transform their processes through digital consultancy

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