Providing the software and services to reduce costs, enhance search quality and improve turnaround times.

As the leading supplier of Local Land Charge solutions to over two thirds of UK local authorities, we implement reliable, integrated technology that saves time, money and effort.

We provide professional and integrated Land and Property solutions that are fully customisable to suit your authority’s structure, data and locality.

The service grows with you, drawing on your land charges register and data sources held by departments such as planning, environmental health and housing, to automatically produce responses to both LLC1 and CON29 requests, without the need for timely manual data entry. Enquiries from solicitors or prospective house buyers can be handled swiftly, while ensuring efficiency at all stages.

Providing an intuitive, online search submission and response capability, our digitised solution allows your team to reduce the time spent and costs associated with paper-based submissions, and provides an opportunity to market your land charges service.

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Key benefits

  • Save time and money – Land charge searches are automated for reduced manual data collection and entry
  • Improve citizen service – Greater consistency in the data collected and the contents produced
  • Faster responses to every search – Automated data gathering and answer generation
  • Instant productivity – Integrates with the National Land Information Service (NLIS) to meet the changing needs of citizens and reduce the cost incurred for each search
  • Quicker insights – Allows control and visibility of all searches for trend analysis, auditing and effective day-to-day management

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