Enjoy next-level scanning performance when you replace your Bluebird scanner with the new DENSO BHT-M8o

The drive to improve patient safety and prevent avoidable errors has led to increasing use of barcode scanners within the UK healthcare ecosystem. By capturing and recording information digitally, barcode scanners ensure that all hospital inventory, assets, and medical records are accounted for so that items and information don’t get mislabelled, misused, or misapplied. The use of barcode scanners helps streamline the patient admittance process, track medication and care admission, and follow patients throughout their entire stay – making sure correct treatment is administered in an efficient way. 

With a commitment to support its iFIT customers with the latest tools and technology, Idox is pleased to announce the availability of the DENSO BHT-M8o – a powerful and upgraded barcode scanner with advanced capabilities to revolutionise scanning efficiency. Featuring a user-friendly, stylish design, the DENSO BHT-M8o is loaded with cutting-edge functionality that streamlines barcode scanning, helps users perform their job quicker, and benefits healthcare organisations with significant cost savings. The ergonomic device is perfectly equipped with the latest Android-10 operating system and a powerful Octa-core 2.2 GHz processor designed to achieve maximum performance and optimise scanning operation like never before.  

Thanks to DENSO’s best scan engine to date, users can capture even the most difficult labels quickly and easily. Whether a barcode is overwritten, wrinkled, poorly printed, or even on and behind highly reflective surfaces, the new decode engine and high-resolution sensor in the scanner enables greater accuracy and reads even the most challenging codes. The high reading speed in the scanner captures codes faster and enables users to scan several labels one after the other – which in turn improves time and cost efficiency. 

Drop tested from heights of up to 3.0 metres, the DENSO BHT-M8o is robust, durable, scratchproof, and easy-to-operate even when wearing gloves or with a wet touch – making it ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. The product is uniquely built focussing on the user’s needs. Its large 5-inch touch panel displays a clear overview of tasks and includes an on-screen floating button – making the scanning process simple and adaptable for users. The easily replaceable, hot-swap battery in the device provides users with uninterrupted scanning without having to stop for a battery recharge.  

Upgrading to the DENSO BHT-M8o is simple, hassle-free, and cost-effective. For users on iFIT version or above, this needs no upgrade or changes to the core application. The product also comes with great support and enhanced maintenance services. In the event of accidental damage, the manufacturer offers guaranteed next-day product replacement to support your business continuity. Hand back your Bluebird scanner and get it replaced with a DENSO gun with a £40 discount. Plus, you don’t need to buy an additional license when swapping your Bluebird device with DENSO – saving you an extra £178.

To find out more about the DENSO BHT-M8o or place your order, speak to our sales team today and enjoy speedy delivery within weeks. 

Published on: 17 January 2022

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