Delivering better patient access and sexual health support in the digital age

Access to your service, whenever and wherever its needed

The internet is playing an increasingly vital role in our lives, allowing us to shop, surf, pay, communicate and action much more online. As a result, patient expectations are changing. Your patients expect to control all aspects of their lives from their mobile devices, wherever they are, at any time.

Lilie Virtual Clinic is a secure, online triage and booking solution for sexual health clinics, designed to help clinicians offer an enhanced and accessible sexual health service, fit for the 21st century. It allows the patient to be triaged into the most appropriate appointment slot and automatically inserts that data into the patient record. This gives the clinician improved access to information, prior to the patient arriving in clinic.

Giving you more than just happier customers

A Lilie customer based in the north of England has reported that 11% of available bookable appointments are now made online, with the majority being out of hours. The use of Lilie Virtual Clinic has also already benefitted this customer by saving 213 hours of admin time and a 10% reduction in call volumes to the clinic.

Offer online appointments, with or without an existing website

If your clinic already has a website, the Lilie Virtual Clinic Link can be fully integrated to deliver brand consistency and a seamless online patient experience. For those without a digital presence, the Lilie Virtual Clinic Website provides an online booking facility, even when no website currently exists.

Determine the best course of action in advance

Improve patient experiences by asking questions before they arrive in clinic. Answering online encourages more honest responses which can help to determine the path that needs to be taken to fully respond to their query. Patients could just need contraception information, or their replies could flag up a more serious exposure or symptom requiring an in-clinic appointment to seek urgent medical attention. This enables the identification of time-sensitive exposures at the earliest opportunity and prioritises staff time and resource effectively. Each question is designed to cover all aspects of sexual health and different answers may trigger a different, relevant course of action for the patient.

Improve patient experience and satisfaction

With a safe and secure online environment at the start of the process, following through to the subsequent benefits of receiving the right treatment at the right time, patients are provided with an improved and seamless clinic experience. They are no longer limited to clinic opening hours and aren’t expected to wait until their call can be answered – they can access and book 24/7.

Lilie is leading the way in sexual health management by creating tools that meet patient demand for modern access to information and offering intelligent triaging to help your consultation efficiencies.

For more information, visit our dedicated web pages.

Published on: 14 February 2018

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