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Keeping your projects running on time and budget relies on insight. To monitor progress and react quickly to problems, you need to have a view of all aspects of your project at all times and be able to quickly drill into the detail.

We’ve been working with our customers – leading owner operators and EPCs around the world – to utilise project controls to drive improvements in deliverables management for faster project implementation and reduced risk.

Join our webinar on 8 October at 10am (CDT) / 4pm (BST) to hear from our experts and learn how better use of data is the key to:

  • Ensuring your project is on track for success – on time and budget
  • Offering a real-time view of current status, enabling immediate intervention
  • Faster implementation of your projects
  • Making your workforce more efficient and empowering success
  • Reducing risk and avoiding penalties

This session will be of interest to: Project Managers, Document Control and Engineering Leads, Information Managers and IT Managers.

Time: 10am (CDT) / 4pm (BST)