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Each day sessions will start at 9am (CST) / 10 am (EST) / 3pm (GMT)
and run until 12.30pm (CST) 1.30 pm (EST) / 6.30pm (GMT)

Join our engineering information management team for three days of insightful sessions, on demand content and a chance to network with industry peers. We’ll feature keynotes from industry professionals, as well as case studies and discussion sessions. For customers, we’ll have specific product sessions covering roadmaps, Q&A and a chance to share your feedback.

Managing engineering information better together

Our Idox Collaboration event is a unique digital experience where leading experts can network and learn from each other about the challenges and opportunities in their industries.

Our first three-day online event will bring together our engineering information management team with global EPCs and owner operators to share case studies from energy and utilities, oil and gas and more, together with keynote presentations from industry speakers. For customers, we’ll have sessions focused on product roadmaps, best practice and opportunities to interact with peers from around the world. There will be on demand content, videos and opportunities to take part in our leader board challenge to win prizes!

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  • *During the event there will be the chance to take part in a leader board challenge to win prizes and all attendees will receive a gift, following the event. Please provide your postal address if you would like to take part.

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