Latest paper from Opidis turns spotlight on tech transformation in engineering

Like the public sector, the drive to digitise processes across the engineering industry has been a key aim for many professionals operating in this space. However, an uncertainty around how to kickstart the process – or what the next steps might be towards achieving digital maturity – can, and have, stalled the process.

In a new sector insights paper, Opidis’ Director, Development Operations , Steven Bruce discusses how EPCs and Owner Operators can accelerate tech transformation at a time when the business case for embracing digital is undisputed. Steven reviews:

  • the progress made by engineering companies;
  • the challenges still being faced across the oil and gas and energy and utilities sectors; and
  • why a digital approach may be the key to leaner operating costs and improved asset management.

Download your free copy: Taking digital to the engineering sphere: How can EPCs and Owner Operators accelerate tech transformation?

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