Enhanced Idox technology delivers improved access to sexual health services

Idox Health’s sexual health management system – Lilie – has been strengthened by two new modules that offer patients a more private and secure way to book an appointment online, with 24/7 access to information.

Lilie Virtual Clinic Link and Lilie Virtual Clinic Website help healthcare providers maximise the number of patients attending their clinics, and reduce instances of missed appointments by facilitating out-of-hours bookings and automated text or email reminders.

A key advantage of the new modules is that they also provide an intelligent triaging process that allocates the most appropriate appointment based on the patient’s selections, simultaneously updating their electronic records. By streamlining the booking process and automatically updating records at the back end, clinics are able to ensure that patients are assigned the most suitable healthcare professional from their first visit, and that medical information is readily available before the consultation begins.

Rhys Powell, Head of Clinical Sales at Idox Health said: “With our new Virtual Clinic modules clinics can now meet patient demands of modern access to information. In addition, not only are we offering clinics the option to display appointments to their patients in real time, but clinic staff also have full control over appointment availability and can directly book these slots as required.”

For healthcare providers who already have an online website, the Lilie Virtual Clinic Link booking solution can be customised and fully integrated to deliver brand consistency and a seamless patient experience. For those without a digital presence, the Lilie Virtual Clinic Website provides an online booking facility, even when no website currently exists.

If you would like to schedule a demo of the latest modules, email the team at idoxhealth@idoxgroup.com or click here to learn more about the full Lilie sexual health management suite.