Customers endorse Idox as a trusted, transformative digital partner

Customers from across the Idox group have described their journeys towards successful transformation in a new series of video interviews.

The resulting footage – including the experiences of councils, NHS Trusts, universities and more – highlights how Idox technology is powering hundreds of transactions, processes and engagements across the UK to better connect the public sector with its citizens and deliver working efficiencies for staff.

Cherie Root, Corporate Director at Braintree District Council comments to camera:

“Working with Idox, we can help to get our staff out and about more using tablets and ensuring that our Planners, our Building Control Inspectors, our Landscape Architects and a number of different services can access the information they need to on the move.”

Andrew Raynes, former IM & T Programme Director at Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust discusses the tangible benefits following rollout of Idox’s medical records tracking technology: 

 “The best outcome is the ability to increase the productivity and safety at which we can see patients – having the knowledge that the record is there when the patient arrives and that they’re seen with that information. But also, that we’re able to do that at an additional 12% of clinics that we can put on through the efficiency.”

To hear more from customers who are benefitting from our suite of digital technology, expertise and consultancy, watch the full video by clicking on the link below.