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When you apply as a candidate, we collect data about you in a variety of ways including the information you would normally include in a CV or a job application cover letter, or notes made by our recruiting officers during a recruitment interview. Please read the Recruitment Data Privacy Policy. To apply, please check the boxes and understand that if you send us personal information, you have given us consent to keep your data as we consider your application for recruitment purposes.

Recruitment Data Privacy Policy*
I agree that I have read and accept the Idox Recruitment Data Privacy Policy and consent to receiving information from the company with regard to recruitment opportunities.
Personal data consent*
I agree that my personal data may be stored by the Recruitment team at Idox, as outlined by the policy. In accordance with GDPR regulations which concern the protection of personal data, I acknowledge that my personal data is voluntarily disclosed and I also understand that I may ask to see the personal data that Idox hold for me or amend it at any time.

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